Residential Shredding

We bring our commercial shredding truck to your home.

We provide residents in Charlotte, Matthews, Davidson, Concord, and also South Carolina surrounding communities and cities help securely shredding personal documents.  

Looking for an easy option for a professional residential shredding service that comes to your home to shred your documents when and at the location you need service? Then you want to call Shred Industry Solutions Inc. and request a secure residential home shredding service. 

Ready to Help Six Days per Week

Our staff is looking forward to taking your call, and they will listen to your questions and explain how our services work. We will help estimate how much shredding you have and then give you a quote on your cost for our service. Our pricing is very straightforward without any hidden cost. After you are comfortable with our services and price quote, we will schedule your appointment for a residential shredding service.

Select a Day and Time to Have Your Documents Shredded

We offer residential shredding Monday through Saturday. We are flexible and will fit your schedule needs. In most cases, we offer next-day service Monday through Saturday.

Our Shredding Process

With just one phone call, we will walk you through the complete process giving you a price quote and setting up your scheduled shredding appointment. Yes, One Call That’s All. 

We will send our uniformed Secure Shredding Technician to your location; the Secure Shredding Technician will arrive on time and have an ID Badge displayed. Our technician will have you show and identify documents to be shredded. The technician will place your documents into 95-gallon bins and securely lock the bins while taking them to the mobile shred system onsite at your location. The 95-gallon bins will be dumped into the shredding knives and destroyed. 

Shred Industry Shredding Truck

We Can Help You Protect Your Information

Onsite Residential Shredding is the Most Secure.

Today you have many options for the destruction of your documents and private data. Nothing is more secure than to have onsite destruction done at your residence while you watch the entire destruction process on the monitor located on the side of our mobile shred system. The process will give you peace of mind after the service is complete.

We Encourage You to Witness Document Shredding

Residents and businesses located in Charlotte, Matthews, Davidson, Concord, and South Carolina can witness the shredding destruction of documents at their residence or business. Shred Industry Solutions Inc will bring the latest mobile shredding technologies to your location. All our shred trucks have security camera systems that allow you to witness the complete process, lifting the documents into the shred truck, dumping the documents into the shredding knives, along with the shredded documents throughput from the auger. 

Our Staff

You can be confident with Shred Industry Solutions Staff. Our staff is trained in document security shredding policies and also on the shredding equipment systems. All staff is background checked and randomly drug tested. We also background check and drug test all staff annually in addition to a random program. Our team will ensure security along with total customer satisfaction.

Green Recycle

All paper documents are recycled after the shredding process. The shredded documents are reduced to a liquid pulp and used to make new paper products. The pulping process is also another added security level. Recycling shredded documents also helps the environment. Every ton of shredded paper recycled will save 17 trees.

Recycle Icon

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