Product Destruction

Safe, Secure, and Easy Product Destruction

Is there a product recall at your company? Items that are out of specification, products that are out of date, products that have been returned, or items that are damaged in any way?

Shred Industry Solutions is a full-service document and product destruction company capable of handling all of your product destruction requirements. We have trucks that will drive to your location to pick up your merchandise, transport it to our safe certified facility, or leave it with you. When you’re done, you’ll be handed a certificate of destruction, which you may use to show that you followed a product recall or a court-ordered destruction order, as well as for peace of mind.

Protect Your Brand and Business With Secure Product Destruction

Wether you’re aware of it or not, carelessly abandoned merchandise can do a lot of damage to your company’s reputation. Throwing away a product that you no longer want in circulation may appear to be an easy option. Although general waste streams are convenient to access, utilising them to dispose of products can have major repercussions. One of the most serious dangers is having your “trade secrets” revealed. As a result, your company may be more exposed to competition. In addition, there are also various privacy laws to take into account. Businesses are required by federal law to destroy items that contain sensitive information. If the product you make has the potential to jeopardize someone’s privacy, you must dispose of it safely. Failure to do so might result in severe consequences.

Types of Products We Destroy

We’ve destroyed a wide range of products, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Post-consumer returns
  • Promotional materials (posters, guides, signs, invitations)
  • Defective or damaged products
  • Expired goods
  • Goods Damaged in Transit
  • Excess inventory
Shred Industry Shredding Truck

The Benefits of Product Destruction

  • Safe and secure delivery service from your warehouse to ours.
    While waiting for the demolition process to begin, keep your belongings safe.
  • Brand, company name, and/or product protection
  • To ensure that the products do not resurface on the market, a comprehensive destruction and disposal process was implemented.
  • Certificate of destruction for your compliance documents

We Can Help You Protect Your Business

Available Six Days a Week

Shred Industry understands how important it is to protect your information, so we provide destruction services from Monday through Saturday. The goal of our services is to be there for you when it counts, on your schedule. Therefore, we make our services flexible to accomplish this. 

Whether you have questions about our services or you would like a quote, Shred Industry’s team can help. We have complete transparency in our pricing, so there are no hidden charges.

Compliance Is Easy With Product Destruction

Using a product destruction service will help ensure that your business complies with privacy laws protecting your clients. Once your products are destroyed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction, proving that your products have been completely destroyed.

Environmentally Friendly

When you use a product destruction service, the destroyed materials are sorted and recycled properly, which means that they stay out of our landfills and are repurposed. 

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Our Staff

Shred Industry Solutions has a team of highly trained experts you can trust. Employees are trained on product destruction security policies, as well as on our destruction equipment. Background checks and random drug tests are conducted on all employees. We also conduct background checks and drug tests on all staff annually as well as a random selection program. At Shred Industry, we will provide the highest level of customer service as well as complete security.

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