Certificate of Destruction

Protect Your Information with a Certificate of Destruction

With every shred job we execute for a customer, Shred Industry Solutions is devoted to ensuring their security. This is why our final stage for proper destruction of your sensitive information includes issuing a Certificate of Destruction. This will be a confirmation that shredding of certain sensitive documents/media occurred at a given day and time.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Data Destruction is a document that validates that all of your sensitive data on CDs, hard drives, USBs, and other media has been completely destroyed and is no longer recoverable. The Certificate of Destruction provided by Shred Industry Solutions also acts as proof that during the destruction process, all industry standards and legislation were followed.

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What Does a Certificate of Destruction Contain?

  • The assurance that all material was securely destroyed according to regulations and industry standards.

  • Details about the scope of work, type of service received, and method of destruction

  • The sort of material that was destroyed (documents, hard drives, CDs etc.)

  • The complete shredding process will be identified by a receipt number or transaction number, which will enable for auditing.

  • Date, time, and location information regarding stages of destruction. This includes not only the date the documents were collected but also the date that the documents were securely destroyed.
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We Can Help You Protect Your Information

Our Shredding Process

We make it easy to get started; you just need to give us a call. Our shredding experts will be on the line and be happy to answer all the shredding questions you may have and figure out what service will suit your shredding needs.  Then we will set up your appointment and let you know anything you need to do to prepare for our service. 

Our Secure Shredding Technicians are always on time and ready to start working at your location once your shredding service day arrives. Point our techs in the right direction of the documents you want shredded, which they will collect and store into 95-gallon containers, lock them, and bring them to the mobile truck. Once they are at the truck, they will take them to the Charlotte shredding facility to be destroyed securely.

Available Six Days a Week

At Shred Industry, we know that protecting your information is a top priority, so our shredding services are available from Monday through Saturday. Our goal is to be there for you when it counts and accommodate your schedule; we ensure our services are flexible to achieve this. 

Our shredding experts are also available to answer any questions you might have about our services or give you a quote. Our pricing is entirely transparent, so you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees.

Stay Compliant with Off-Site Shredding

Utilizing a shredding service off-site will ensure that your business stays compliant with privacy laws protecting your clients’ personal information.  Shredding your documents is the simplest way to accomplish this.

Environmentally Friendly

Paper shredding is a very eco-friendly process since all of the shredded paper bits are recycled. The shredded bits are turned into paper products through a process known as liquid pulping. The pulping process provides a second layer of security as this ensures your paper is completely gone. You can save 17 trees by shredding one ton of paper.

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