Introduction To Paper Shredding Services

If your business deals with a lot of important documents that contain confidential information, then you should consider using a paper shredding service. The professionals that do paper shredding services are trained to protect your information. They use high-tech security measures to prevent unauthorized access and theft. These are some of the benefits of hiring a professional paper destruction service. In this article, we will discuss what paper shredding services are, the advantages, and the different types of shredding services.

What Are Paper Shredding Services?

Businesses and homeowners alike deal with papers containing sensitive information about them or their clients, so those papers need to be destroyed to protect your information when they are no longer needed. In order to do that, you need to shred them, and the best way to do that is to use a paper shredding company as they are trained in protecting your information. 


These shredding companies offer an easy shredding process, beginning with you calling your local shredding company. They will help answer all your questions about their services and discuss your paper shredding needs so they can make sure you are getting the perfect service to solution for your shredding. Once your shredding day arrives, they will show up in their shredding mobile truck, and you just need to direct them to your paper. They will collect and bring them to the truck to either be taken to an off-site shredding facility or shred them on-site, right before your eyes in their mobile shredding truck. Once your papers have been shredded, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction, proof that everything has been destroyed securely.

What Are The Advantages?

Security: The main reason why you want to use a paper shredding service is that it is the ultimate protection for your sensitive information as it will destroy your paperwork, making it unrecoverable. Ensuring no one can dumpster dive and steal that information to be used for fraud purposes.


Stay Compliant: If your business deals with client information, then you know you have to destroy that information in order to comply with privacy laws. Using a paper shredding service makes you stay compliant with ease as your shredding is being done by professionals, and you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction, proving that you are complying.


Environmentally Friendly: Using a paper shredding service, you are also helping protect the environment as all the shredded pieces of paper are recycled after. Keeping them out of our landfill and allows them to be made into other paper products.

Different Paper Shredding Services

Since every business has different shredding needs, shredding companies have created different services so that they can solve everyone’s shredding needs. Listed below are the various types of paper shredding services available.


One-Time Shredding: If you have a giant stack of old documents that need to be purged, then one-time shredding is the perfect option. It’s ideal for any company that needs to get rid of documents but doesn’t need them frequently. 


Scheduled Shredding: Now, if your business has documents that need shredding on a regular basis, then scheduled shredding is what you are looking for. This service allows you to make scheduled shredding appointments as often as you need.


Residential Shredding: If you are a homeowner that wants to get rid of old paperwork or mail, then residential shredding can help. The shredding company will come to your residential neighborhood and collect all the paper you want to be shredded.


Drop Off Shredding: When you don’t have enough documents to schedule a regular shredding service, then Drop Off shredding is an option as it’s a location where you can bring your shredding and have it be destroyed at their facility.


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